Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Effigy of Animus

This started off as a Viscom 4 assignment but when i applied a story that i've been working on for a while to the homework piece i ended up having much more fun.

This is an god effigy deep in the rainforest twith magical glowing elements indicating some deep mysterious advanced technology. There is an obvious "Atlantis" influence and i also referenced some babylonian and assyrian monuments and sculptures for the design.

As one of the god robots of creation, Animus is the father of new mankind. Pieces of his body are embedded in various statues all over the world  giving off a deep glow when in contact with a similar technology. The embedded fragments of his technology being so powerful, enrich the surrounding areas creating lush beautiful environments.

- Alex
eventually when devin and I decide that we are at a suitable enough amount of work for the world of Uin we will open the other blog to the public, Until then i will periodically upload random bits of the world on our respective blogs.

Devin Manning's Blog

Monday, February 14, 2011

Texture experimentation (brushes only)

i know i've done a lot texture work using photos, but very little of my work has pure photoshop brush use. I definitely need to find my midground between brushes and photos. Right now i'll just keep building my mileage in photoshop brush work and brush creation.